OFM OEBEL FRÖHLICH MICHELS GmbH - Auditors, Tax consultants


Patric Böhle, partner / managing director

Graduate in business administration (FH)
Born on: 25.09.1971
E-mail: patric.boehle@ofm-koeln.de

Professional title

Steuerberater (Tax consultant)

Training and career/work history

  • Training as specialist tax clerk
  • Studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne
  • Joined 1997 OFM Oebel Fröhlich Michels GmbH as a graduate in business administration
  • 2003 duly appointed as tax consultant
  • 2007 partner at OFM Oebel Fröhlich Michels GmbH

Main areas of practice

  • Specialist questions in the area of wage tax and social insurance law, including establishment of insurance status accompaniement of field audit by the tax authorities and the social insurance agencies.
  • Taxation of professional sport clubs and professional athletes
  • Financial and liquidity planning and business advice, for example, as part of business start-ups
  • Situations with international implications, in particular regarding sportsmen and artists
  • Development of business plans
  • International reporting
  • Preparation of financial statements and advice on tax declarations


German and English

Secretary and how to contact us

Sabine Balter

Telephone: + 49 (0) 22 1 – 99 77 -639
Telefax: + 49 (0) 22 1 – 99 77 -648
E-mail: sabine.balter@ofm-koeln.de