OFM OEBEL FRÖHLICH MICHELS GmbH - Auditors, Tax consultants


We take our integrated consulting approach very seriously. Superior and creative advice in all commercial and fiscal matters goes hand in hand with skilled legal advice. As auditors we provide consultancy services in this field so far as this is permitted by the rules of our profession and we have had a close and successful relationship with the law firm of JUNGE · SCHÜNGELER & PARTNER for over 25 years. Like us, they are located in the ROTONDA office building which makes short distances and rapid lines of communication possible.

Our cooperation is assisted by the fact that two of our consultants are also members of the law firm.

The keynote of our interdisciplinary collaboration is most frequently to be found in company transactions in the fields of corporate law, labour law and real estate law. In international situations and cross-border transactions we have access to a skilled network of international specialists through JUNGE · SCHÜNGELER & PARTNERs’ international associates, Consulegis EWIV and International Law Firm Association ILFA e-iure.