OFM OEBEL FRÖHLICH MICHELS GmbH - Auditors, Tax consultants



We have been pursuing our own particular company strategy for more than 25 years now. You and your business occupy the centre stage in our thinking and how we act. Our work is characterised by the personalised and competent way we provide our services, which has led to the creation of long-standing client relationships.

For us service means actively helping you to build your company, using all our skills and resources. Starting from a basis of classical auditing and tax consultancy services, we get to know your company and your branch of industry, enabling us to use this thorough knowledge to formulate the best possible advice. As part of this process commercial considerations are always seen in the mutually inter-dependent context of the increasingly complex tax and legal environment. When providing tax and legal advice to companies and private individuals we pay particular attention to a holistic and results-oriented approach to the functions to be provided and the problems requiring a solution. As well as keeping our own specialised knowledge of tax and commercial law up to date, for the last two decades we have also had a close and trusting relationship with the towards commercial law oriented law firm of JUNGE · SCHÜNGELER · WENDLAND. Short lines of communication and an excellent working relationship, based on a thorough knowledge of the subject enable us to develop tailored and optimised solutions for our joint clients.

We try to establish close contacts with our clients: the better we know you and your company, the more able we are to bring sound knowledge, speed and flexibility to bear in helping to build your company’s future in conformity with your desires and goals.