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We get to know both companies and branches of industries in the course of our classical work as auditors and carry out not only mandatory audits required by law but also voluntary audits of the annual financial statements as well as additional and special audits specific to a particular legal form or industry. Our knowledge of the key commercial aspects of the operations audited provides the basis for the thorough reports we prepare for submission to regulatory and supervisory bodies.

We also carry out audits of annual financial statements prepared in accordance with international accounting standards (e.g. IFRS or US-GAAP).

In auditing local authorities and other territorial entities, we conduct audits in accordance with the Act on Budgeting Principles in addition to the classical annual audit.

The risk-oriented audit approach as required by law and individualized by us ensures that, in establishing audit priorities, particular attention is paid to the areas of risk identified and an effective audit is guaranteed.

The information on significant fiscal or commercial matters obtained in the course of the audit creates a basis for the joint planning of future business.

OFM OEBEL FRÖHLICH MICHELS GmbH passed an external quality audit conducted by the Chamber of Public Accountants, the peer-review. The peer-review auditor issued a report without a single reservation.

The main services we offer as part of our expertise as auditors are as follows:

  • The audit and preparation of annual and group financial statements in accordance with the German Commercial Code (“ HGB”), IFRS and US-GAAP
  • Due-diligence audits as part of company acquisitions
  • Formation and post-formation audits
  • Audit of conversion programmes
  • Audit of company valuations in the context of mergers
  • Audits in accordance with Section 53 of the Act on Budgeting Principles
  • Audits in accordance with the Regulation regarding Estate Agents and Building Developers
  • Development of (group) accounting guidelines specific to particular industries
  • Quality assurance audit in accordance with Section 57 a of the Accountancy Regulations (“WPO”)
  • Audit in accordance with the accounting regulations for hospitals (Krankenhausbuchführungsverordnung)
  • Audit of going-concern forecasts in company crisis situations
  • Audit of royalty calculations (media industry)

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