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Business and corporate consultancy

Entrepreneurial activity is an integral part of the constantly changing and dynamic business environment.

Our experience gained over many years in advising clients in the most varied industries helps us to develop commercially sound basic structures as the decisive element in business decision-making. By critically observing internal operating processes, we can recognise undesirable developments at an early stage. As part of this process we develop and examine internal and external key operating indicators which, amongst other things, provide the basis for discussions on financing with banks and which we examine in the context of the more rigorous post-Basle II requirements imposed by banking institutions.

From the business data we also develop income statements and plan balance sheets as part of assessing profitability calculations and going-concern concepts of a company in a crisis situation.

Our principle consultancy services include the following subjects:

  • Commercial analysis of companies and business processes
  • Preparation of plan calculations and plan balance sheets
  • Development and examination of business plans
  • Assistance in the introduction and development of (new) financing models
  • Advice on commercial questions in connection with due-diligence audits, company acquisitions and mergers
  • Advice to private individuals on asset management
  • Advice on starting a business
  • Development and preparation of reorganisation concepts in a crisis situation
  • Support in introducing control systems

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